Happy third birthday to DistantLands

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Happy third birthday to DistantLands

Post  Treijim on Tue Aug 12, 2014 3:41 am

That's right, DistantLands just turned three years old!

Since the current server is still being built, it's not possible to provide games for all members. Instead, I will release a map of the new starting kingdom, its neighbours, provinces, counties, and cities.

And here's some fun facts:

  • The land shown in the map below is the Kingdom of Myrthia.
  • Myrthia is about 3000 blocks from north to south.
  • It takes around 20 minutes to walk from the northern-most city to the bridge to Monagon at the south end.
  • It will take around four hours to walk to the far north-east end of the map if you take a realistic route.
  • Myrthia is only one region in the world. There are 47 other regions, ranging from half the size of Myrthia to twice as large. 
  • It's not too late to apply to build! Those who help build will be regarded more if they apply for positions of authority.
  • Treijim is really grateful for all of those who have contributed to and created friendships through the server. Yes, that's a fact. :3

And here's a map showing the rest of the world compared with Myrthia.

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