Happy second birthday to DistantLands

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Happy second birthday to DistantLands

Post  Treijim on Mon Aug 12, 2013 2:35 am

Happy birthday to DistantLands! Our server has turned two years old!

The new server is open!

To join it, go to beta.distantlands.net

But by tonight, distantlands.net will direct to the new server instead of the old one, and you won’t need to use the beta address. Until then, distantlands.net takes you to the old server.

If you want to reach the old server for some reason, visit charlie.distantlands.net but this address will stop working after a few weeks.


To download Alendria, go to charlie.distantlands.net/downloads/alendria.zip

WARNING: Many plugins currently hold pieces of Alendria together. Playing this world locally may have unintended consequences on single player. Watch out for lava starting fires, fires spreading, leaves decaying, etc. Be sure to keep a backup of your world before you play it through single player.

Alendria will no longer be available for download a few weeks from now. Don’t give the above world file out to anyone who doesn’t play on DistantLands unless you have my permission.


The forum and website will slowly be updated to reflect new material over the next week. Until then, a lot of new information is on the two previous news posts for you to read.

Currently, the rules on the website do not reflect the new rules, so the new rules will be at the bottom of this post. READ THEM. Sorry for the bad formatting. :3

1. No hacks, mods, or glitches.
o Any mod that aids in PVP/tracking, movement, or the finding/collection of materials/locations/coordinates is not allowed.
o Don’t use glitches or exploits.
2. Use the chat wisely.
o Keep offensive jokes and swearing to a minimum.
o Be honest.
o Don’t spam the chat.
o No arguing or abuse.
o Sort out serious issues privately.
3. Be tidy.
o Traverse terrain realistically - don't leave block pillars, etc.)
o Chop down trees fully.
o Once you have saplings, plant your own trees - the custom ones won't grow back.
o Respect the land, and treat it like a real environment.
o No mob grinders/farms; make farms look realistic and good.
4. Roleplay properly.
o Don't mix IC (in-character) and OOC (out of character) information. Just because you know something, doesn't mean your character does.
o If you’re anywhere but your own home, you cannot escape if someone commences roleplay with you.
o Once you roleplay with someone, don't leave unless it's definitely over.
o Try to do things like wear hoods during storms or swim without armour, for added immersion.
o Roleplay according to the medieval theme.
o Your character’s race should be fairly humanoid.
o Only roleplay actions/abilities that you can achieve without admin help.
5. Don't grief.
o Griefing is altering blocks that belong to another member in order to troll.
o Breaking a window/door/fence etc. as a part of roleplay doesn't count as griefing. This is called burglary.
o Burglary must be done minimally and realistically and it counts as roleplay; don't mine your way through stone walls, don't dig randomly under floors, etc.
6. Keep to the medieval theme.
o Everything that you build should be according to the medieval theme.
o Use material appropriately and realistically.
o Exceptions can be made with material that represents something else, such as snow blocks for plaster, etc.
o Names, stories, lore, etc. should be consistent with the time period theme and fairly original.
The normal punishment for a breach of rules is a temporary ban. Indefinite bans will be inflicted if appropriate.

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