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unique weapons

Post  Treijim on Tue Jun 12, 2012 4:59 am

this page no longer applies

powerful and unique weapons of the land. to have your weapon added to this list, ask treijim. once you possess a weapon on this list, you may have it replenished if its health is in the red. to replenish its health, go to enuo library and pray at the statue when treijim is online, and then pay the price that will be listed next to its name on the list. the weapon will be regenerated for you.

wolfe's blade (diam): $11,000 unbreaking iv, sharpness iv, knockback ii, fire aspect i

emperor's sword (diam): $21,000 unbreaking viii, sharpness x, knockback iii

emperor's bow: $27,000 unbreaking viii, flame v, knockback iv, power x

dark prince's sword (diam): $15,000 smite v, unbreaking iii, sharpness v, fire aspect ii

lord's sword (diam): $15,000 unbreaking x, sharpness v

the black sword (gold): $10,000 unbreaking x

friedrich's axe (diam): $5000 sharpness iv, fire aspect i

tanner's bow: $11,000 infinity i, unbreaking v, power iii, fire aspect ii

the blue sword (diam): $7000 sharpness iv, knockback ii, aqua affinity i

arthoudok's wrath: $7000 smite i, power v, infinity i, flame i

elrath's blade (diam): $8000 power i, sharpness iv, fire aspect ii, knockback ii

zangetsu (diam): $7000 efficiency i, sharpness iii, knockback ii, fire aspect ii

blade of verahko (diam): $8000 fire protection i, sharpness iv, fire aspect ii, knockback ii

bow of kalvos: $7000 blast protection i, power iv, flame i, infinity i

halef (diam): $8000 infinity ii, sharpness iv, knockback ii, fire aspect ii

lightbringer (diam): $6000 protection iii, sharpness iv, fire aspect ii

sword of ezekiel (diam): $23,000 sharpness x, smite v, unbreaking viii

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