The Economy

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The Economy

Post  Sharnan on Sun Feb 12, 2012 2:59 am

I realise some people do not know how the economy works, and treat it as though it is infinite. Let me explain briefly where money comes from:

  • When you buy items from a sign owned by "Admin Shop", your money goes to me, and the items come from an inifinite stock.
  • When you sell items to a sign owned by "Admin Shop", the items are gone forever and the money you acquire comes out of my balance.
  • My only two sources of income are when you buy things at Admin Shops or when Treijim pays me his taxes.
  • Treijim's only sources of income are region purchases, fine payments, and arena payments.
  • When the economy is good (my funds are high) then there are more shops where people can sell items to make more money, and other shops become cheaper.
  • When the economy is bad (my funds are low) shops where you can sell items may get reduced in value or removed entirely, and items may become more expensive.
  • Money on the server is not infinite.

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