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Medieval Theme

Post  Sharnan on Fri Jan 27, 2012 6:08 am

Recently it has come to my attention that many people do not realise the theme of the server or do not understand what a medieval theme consists of. Here is a short explanation:

Medieval generally means pertaining to the middle ages. It roughly runs from 500AD through to 1500AD, thus consisting of a period of approximately 1000 years.

Here are some good examples of medieval buildings:
If that link doesnt work, go here:

Note the use of stone walls for lower stories. This is because stone is heavy. Difficult to fathom, I know. Then on upper stories is a light material, often either sand, snow blocks, wood planks, or wool. This light material equates to clay or plaster panels in real life. The panels are framed by timber. This is called half-timber framing, and the frames in this style are always exposed on the outside of the building. These are the distinguishing features of medieval homes, especially late in the medieval period. Buildings can also be fully stone, and stone or clay bricks are common.

The key elements here are the consideration for the weight and type of material and the half-timber construction style. A structure lacking these elements is subject to removal by administrators. Notice may or may not be given.

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