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DistantLands Lies and Loyalty Opening

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DistantLands Lies and Loyalty Opening Empty DistantLands Lies and Loyalty Opening

Post  Treijim on Wed Dec 03, 2014 1:27 am

Opening Time and Quest
This coming Saturday, December 6th around midday (east coast time) DistantLands Lies and Loyalty will open. About two hours after, the first quest -- the birthday anniversary celebration of Prince Lucius -- will begin. It is recommended to join well before this time, to learn the server and establish your character, learn the rules, etc. This quest will be important as it is a rare chance to meet many important figures of Myrthia at once and learn the dynamics of the kingdom.

How to Join
To be able to join, simply contact me and tell me if you were on the previous DistantLands world (Dawn of Man) and I will probably whitelist you. If you didn't play on the previous server, you need to wait until a proper application form is made.

Resource Pack and Optifine
Don't forget to download the Resource Pack from the website www.distantlands.net just before you join, and have Optifine installed to utilise the pack to the fullest. Also remember to have your language set to English DL.

Spending Points
If you have accrued points and wish to purchase something, simply let me know what you want to buy. When you buy one feature, the amount of money it costs is subtracted from your total. You can buy as many features as you can afford, unless the features do not stack (ie. being nobility twice). Any money not used by opening will be deleted from the records.

New Features
Lies and Loyalty will have many features new to DistantLands, for example: there are no boat items and you take damage while in water so don't enter water you can't get out of easily and quickly, you will become hungry while exposed to rain and snow and can starve to death, there will eventually be a dynamic lighting plugin that uses torches to cast a moving light with the player, grass and some plants will grow automatically over time according to biome, and others!

Myrthian Skins
There are requirements that apply to your skin. A Myrthian must have dark-brown to black-brown hair, pale skin, and medium to dark blue eyes. Some colours (red, purple, cyan, pink, magenta, lime green, and light grey) can't be found in Myrthia so clothing coloured thus should be changed to blue, green, white, black, brown, orange, yellow, or grey. If you want help with a skin edit, I can make small adjustments for people.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me.

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