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Builder Applications and Stuff

Post  Treijim on Sun Jul 13, 2014 9:24 am

Notifications regarding the new world process will keep going up in this space. For now, the current world (Dawn of Man) will be available for download either today or tomorrow.

The application form for builder positions is below. Fill it out in a message in whatever way you want to contact me (Facebook message, Skype message, email, etc.), and we will start picking positions before the end of the week. There is no deadline unless a rank with limited positions gets filled.

There’s no penalty for applying, so go for what you want!
1.       Username(s):
2.       Position(s) you’re applying for. Apply for as many as you want:
       a.       Architect (one position available!) The owner of the fifth and final province of Myrthia. Uses Creative Mode and WorldEdit and designs provincial styles
       b.      Designer (limited positions) An architect who doesn’t own a province
       c.       Builder (unlimited positions) A standard Creative Mode builder
       d.      Spectator (unlimited positions) They can join and watch, but they can’t do anything
3.       Briefly describe your roleplay roles (eg: Mayor of Scendoria), and roleplay accomplishments (eg: Assassinated Emperor Sharnan) within each of the following worlds. If you never played in a world, type N/A for that line:
       a.       Lyte:
       b.      Temanea:
       c.       Alendria:
       d.      Dawn of Man (current):
4.       Briefly describe your construction-based accomplishments (eg: Built Falcon’s Reach and Illium) within each of the following worlds. If you never played in a world, type N/A for that line:
       a.       Lyte:
       b.      Temanea:
       c.       Alendria:
       d.      Dawn of Man (current):
5.       How would you rate the amount of time you will have to build during the Build Phase (roughly mid-July to mid-November):
       a.       I’m basically Treijim
       b.      Most days
       c.       A few times a week
       d.      Once a week at most
       e.      Once every few weeks
       f.        I’m not planning on building (for Spectators)
6.       How would you rate your experience with Creative Mode:
       a.       I’m experienced with it
       b.      I’ve used it a few times
       c.       I don’t really know how to use it
       d.      What’s Creative Mode?
7.       How would you rate your experience level with WorldEdit?
       a.       I know almost all the commands
       b.      I know a fair bit about it
       c.       I know a bit about it
       d.      What’s WorldEdit?
8.       How often do you use the DistantLands teamspeak?
       a.       I basically live there
       b.      I’m on several times a week
       c.       Sometimes, but Minecrafters know me there
       d.      I rarely use it
       e.      I never use it, but I will
       f.        I never use it, and I never will
9.       When the world expands enough and if the opportunity arises, are you willing to hold your builder status and help build and possibly run new cultures? (We won’t hold you to your answer here)
       a.       Yes, I’d like to build and run my own culture when the chance arises
       b.      Yes, I’d like to help build another culture when the chance arises
       c.       I might like to continue helping after the main build phase
       d.      I only want to help during the first main build phase
       e.      I don’t want to build or run anything
10.   How much experience have you had in contributing/administering/operating other servers?
       a.       I’ve been an authority and major contributor (explain)
       b.      I’ve been an authority before (explain)
       c.       I’ve contributed to other servers before (explain)
       d.      No experience, really (explain)
       e.      Other (explain)
11.   Add any other relevant notes about why we should let you on the build team here:

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