2014 Timeline

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2014 Timeline

Post  Treijim on Fri May 16, 2014 9:09 am

Here's an approximate timeline of DistantLands for 2014:

  • Now - Mid-June: Ongoing weekend quests will propel the story forward with a climax beginning somewhere in the middle of June.
  • Mid-June - Mid-July: The story will finish in a mind-blowing sequence of final quests. Once this quest-line is over the server will enter a different mode. The details of this new mode are a secret but DistantLands will no longer be about building a culture/civilisation..
  • Mid-July - End-August: DistantLands will be in its new secret mode for this duration. During this mode, applications for builder/ranks in the next world will start to become available.
  • End-August - Mid-November: DistantLands will enter a build phase for the new world. During this time, public access will not be allowed, as only the builders will be able to come on and work on the new world.
  • Mid-November - Infinity: The new world begins!

All dates are approximate and any major changes will be posted. 

If you plan to become a builder, doing well between now and mid-July will give you a greater chance of becoming a builder and/or having a good starting rank in the next world.

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