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New World Information

Post  Treijim on Fri Aug 09, 2013 6:49 am

With the new server and world less than a week away, there have been dozens of interesting and relevant questions about it all. This post hopes to explain some of the more prominent ideas and changes that next Thursday will bring about.
1. Who’ll be allowed to join?
a. We have a list of around fifty of the current members who actually play. This list will be at the end of the post. This list will probably expand as we allow/remember more people. If your account isn’t on the list, ask me and I’ll put your proposal forward to the other admins.
2. What about alternate accounts?
a. Every account in the new world must have a roleplay character attached to it. Having accounts on simply to use their /home etc. will not be allowed, if that account has no character attached to it.
3. With no worldguard or LWC protections, won’t everything be griefable?
a. Griefing rules will be quite different. A distinction is made between griefing and burglary. Burglary is when you change someone else’s blocks in a realistic manner, and burglary is always roleplay. Griefing is unrealistic, excessive, or done to troll someone. Burglary is more or less restricted to the breaking of weak or simple items (doors, windows, some dirt, some leaves, etc.). There will be physical demonstrations of this in the new spawn.
4. What does it mean to start out at the dawn of mankind? Do I need a caveman skin?
a. We’re avoiding the primitive beginnings of mankind and starting in a period of time akin to any period on Earth before about 500AD, aka the early middle ages. This means that no society has been formed, and the largest groups of people would be considered settlements.
5. Can build anything from the ancient or medieval world?
a. In a way, but again, it should all be logically progressive. Basically, as long as you don’t breach certain limits (such as steam engines) or skip logical technological requirements (such as building a quarry before building a castle) then it’s allowed. You can aspire for anything from this period (try to be a little culturally creative) but everyone should start out small.
6. What about technology?
a. As a part of the new world rules, certain limits have been placed on the server. The following will not be allowed, including technologies dependant on any of these: Steam power, electricity (excluding redstone), mechanics (small forms are allowed), and gunpowder/explosives.
7. What about science?
a. Science, of course, would be quite limited and cannot breach the technological limits. Common areas of science might include mathematics, agriculture, philosophy, and astronomy. The following sciences may develop on a very basic level: biology, botany, chemistry, ecology, geology, physics, and medicine.
8. What about magic and other races?
a. As per the new rules, magic can only exist if it can be performed using existing game mechanics within the medieval theme rules. All races must be humanoid, that is, they must look and act fairly human.
9. What changes are happening in regards to roleplaying?
a. Every account must have one roleplay character attached to it. You cannot use an account if it doesn’t have a character. As per the new rules, you cannot intentionally leave a roleplay that you’re a part of, and the only place you can deny someone’s request to roleplay is inside your own home. Note that everything you build must be in the context of roleplay. This means that underground farms and such are no longer allowed; your constructions should look more realistic. More details about this will be in the new rules.
10. How do starting/spawning areas work?
a. Once you play through the prologue, you will enter the spawn hub. One chamber of the hub contains five portals, each leading to a different region on the world. The regions are ranked from very easy to very hard, depending on the resources available in those areas. Once you enter a portal, it’s suggested that you set your home if you have to go back to spawn – until you build your own house to set your home in.
11. What about the Nether and End?
a. The Nether is enabled but it will be a long and difficult journey to get there, not to mention it’s a far more dangerous place considering the limited resources in the world. The End has been disabled until further notice.
12. What about ores and their spawning frequency?
a. Everything is less common, and may be found on different heights compared to what you’re used to. No ores have been removed from the world, but it may be very difficult to find stronger and more useful types of material.
13. Will there be a map?
a. No. Craft your own maps, or learn the layout of the land, or both. There will be some navigational tips in the new spawn.
14. What other new features have been included since the last news post?
a. Paintings can be changed with a right click of the mouse, and the server has its own custom recipes, to name a few.
15. Will there still be restrictions on item usage, such as lava buckets?
a. No. Since all class systems are being removed, it’s an even playing field. However, please note that griefing rules are changing, and we still have no tolerance for those who grief others or the environment.
16. I don’t know what my character should do.
a. Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking about professions relevant to this period in time: farmer (grain, vegetables, fruit, herbs), baker, miller, brewer, bartender, vintner, greengrocer, chef, cook, carpenter, lumberjack, joiner, woodward, cabinetmaker, gardener, roofer, arkwright, shipwright, sawyer, shepherd, cattle farmer, poulter, hunter, horse trainer, fisherman, shoemaker, cobbler, tailor, tanner, weaver, seamstress, embroiderer, furrier, canvasser, blacksmith, goldsmith, mason, bricker, stone miner, gold miner, quarrier, jewel miner, jeweller, glassblower, glassman, potter, cutler, priest, theologist, healer, painter, architect, inventor, musician, writer, cartographer, guard, bodyguard, soldier, mercenary, criminal, bookseller, locksmith, servant, assistant, barber, innkeeper, porter, doctor, chemist, laundress, copyist, driver, surgeon, groom.

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