Two Year Anniversary

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Two Year Anniversary

Post  Treijim on Sat Aug 03, 2013 3:17 pm

On the 15th of August, DistantLands is moving to a new server with a whole new world!

The image below shows the scale of the new world compared with the old worlds (Lyte, Temanea, and Alendria).

This new world will come with many changes.

Here’s what we’re removing:
• Worldguard protections and block locks.
• Class and ranking systems.
• Economy and admin shops.
• The laws and other roleplay systems.
• The dynamic map.
• The towns system.
• The warfare system.
• All of the current worlds and their contents.
• The warps system.
• All existing lore.
• Creative hiring.
• Villagers.

Here’s what we’re changing:
• All of the rules.
• Spawn rates of underground materials have been decreased a lot.
• Coordinates will be scrambled and unusable.
• All the trees will be custom made, instead of default.
• Many parts of the resource pack (don’t forget to use MCpatcher or Optifine)

Here’s what you have to look forward to:
• A new world, about 15,000 x 15,000.
• The new world will not have any existing civilisation.
• No creepers or endermen.
• Everyone starts off on the same level, on an even playing field.
• Anyone has the potential to try to establish anything, from a town to an empire.
• Roleplay time is now tracked automatically, which you can check with /today
• Some new biomes and over twenty different regions all across the world – tundra, steppes, woods, lakes, volcanoes, and canyons, to name a few.
• Systems will develop as civilisation advances, so progress is up to you.
• We’re starting out at the dawn of time… or are we?
• Way way way way less lag.
• The server will be exclusive: No whitelist application process for new people because the admins decide who will be able to go on the new server.
• Lots of other stuff :3

It’s suggested to use the world downloader plugin if you want to save your constructions (only save your own!). We always keep backups of the old worlds, but these aren’t really available for download unless there’s a special circumstance. This plugin can be found here:

The idea of this new world is that civilisation is starting from scratch. This means that if you want systems (laws, economy, religion, government) to develop, then you need to push for that development through roleplay by being a revolutionary leader – within the rules. It’s possible to reform society, but only if you gather enough people and form it, and develop properly, from peasants in huts up to whatever you can achieve!

Alternatively, you can live the simple life, trade, hunt, build huts, explore, or other more casual lifestyles. Cartography and navigation are far more important, so things like maps, compasses, and knowledge of the land is valuable information to have. No landmark is owned by default, so cultures will develop as people play.

There will be a Hall of Fame on the new website that will tell of your achievements in Lyte, Temanea, and Alendria. We don’t want all of your numerous successes thus far to be removed from all of history.

This list is not final. Changes may still occur.

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