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Administrative Assistance

Post  Sharnan on Fri Nov 04, 2011 8:54 am

Our two lords have several duties. These include: upholding and enforcing the server rules; assisting new members with the server; and correcting problems caused by glitches, exploits, administrative errors, hackers, or server errors. These are the limitations of the tasks that lords MUST perform.

I have done the maths; Treijim is asked for help, on average, every seven minutes, when he is online and not alone on the server. The tasks themselves average between one and five minutes in duration. He is online almost every day purely to prevent tasks from accumulating. Ethereal_panda is online when most of us in Australia are asleep, so he is asked for help less, but the same principle still applies. I hope my point comes across in the figures on their own, and that I don't need to ask people to think twice before asking an admin for help. Yes, we like to help you, but the question is: do you NEED help?

I have also noticed that administrators are performing tasks that they are not required to do, such as assisting in construction and terraforming (both legitimately and using WorldEdit), discovering the instigators of minor griefing, and giving items out for varying purposes. Though these tasks are not strictly against their duties, they are all things that admininstrators are NOT required to perform; when they help you with one of these things, it's because they are being nice and helping you. It is NOT because they are supposed to do it. Please do not treat them as though they owe you some WorldEdit time, because they don't.

We don't need another administrator...
We just need people to stop asking the admins to do things that the admins don't actually have to do.

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