A Chance to Get Admin

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A Chance to Get Admin

Post  Treijim on Thu Jun 13, 2013 6:18 am

Do you want to help administrate the server during school holidays? Now you can have your chance, but you have to take a difficult test. Simply follow this link at the bottom and type your Minecraft username in when you start. The questions are all multiple choice questions and there are 32 of them.

The answers will eventually be reviewed by me and anyone who scores well enough and is deemed suitable will be considered for admin during the school holidays. There's a chance that I won't pick anyone, so think very hard about your answers and make them all count!

Don't cheat by discussing the questions or answers with anyone else. Keep your answers to yourself and answer as honestly as you can. If I discover that too many people cheated, I may nullify the entire testing process and postpone getting an admin.

The test is here: https://testmoz.com/165655

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Answers to the Test

Post  Treijim on Sat Jun 15, 2013 3:02 am

Answer Key
DistantLands Admin Test
All attempts at the test are now null and void

Thanks for attempting the test. :3

Question #1 (1 point)
Frank wants to buy a small area of land that will be on the border of Charlie's province.
Your answer: Ask Charlie if he minds and tell him what Frank wants.
Any region purchases made near other people need to be negotiated between the owners of all adjacent regions. This is on the website.
Question #2 (1 point)
There's a chest in a home in the wilderness with no signs identifying the owner. The chest has some valuable items in it but you're sure that the owner hasn't been online in many months.
Your answer: Unlock all locked items and leave the valuables.
When turning a once-owned home into something lootable, it is beneficial to encourage exploring by leaving the valuables in the chests for adventurers to find. It also gives a chance for the previous owner to come back on and claim their items, since their /home should be set in the house.

Question #3 (1 point)
Susie is waiting at Sam's home and killing him each time he respawns.
Your answer: Ask if Sam minds before doing anything.
It’s possible, and quite common, that they’re both on Skype and just playing around with one another. Unless you know that someone is actually troubled by the PVP, there’s no need to intervene.

Question #4 (1 point)
You're patrolling the Nether and find a line of cobblestone blocks that Kevin has made to get across the lava. You destroy it because it's against the Nether rules, but what else do you do?
Your answer: Take money from Kevin as a fine.
As you enter the Nether, there are signs directly in front of you that say that such structures will result in fines.

Question #5 (1 point)

You're exploring the wild and you come across a hidden home with a chest full of the typical early game items, though a full stack of diamond blocks catches your eye. The member has only played on the server a few times.
Your answer: Ban the member and take it and put it in the vault.
A full stack of diamond blocks is almost certainly the result of some sort of hacking. If people hack items into DistantLands, the items may as well be placed in the imperial vault and go toward the empire.

Question #6 (1 point)

Colin wants to buy a region of land, about 250x250, to build a new castle or something. Colin already has two large unfinished structures, both in separate regions, and he has a country with only part of a city and one town in it.
Your answer: Say no, because he has too many unfinished things around.
It is important to discourage individual members from owning multiple large regions, especially if they are all unfinished, as it steals land from other members who haven’t acquired much land yet.

Question #7 (1 point)

Tony wants you to worldedit a forest away (delete it) so that he can build a town.
Your answer: Clear the forest if you think he'll make the most of the space.
WorldEdit is granted according to how appropriate the situation is, but there is never a guarantee that any member will be given such services. In this case, removing a forest so that a member can build a good town is potentially worthwhile.

Question #8 (1 point)

It's only you and a couple regulars online at 11pm. Someone tells a joke that's somewhat racist.
Your answer: Make sure the other members don't mind first.
Since it is only regular members online, the context is a group of people who know one another, rather than a group of server members who may not know one another. Given this context, there may be no need to enforce the rules which are designed to ensure everyone is comfortable with the social environment but it doesn’t hurt to make sure first.

Question #9 (1 point)

Ned removes Joffrey from his provincial region because Joffrey hasn't been doing anything Ned wants him to do. Joffrey complains to you that Ned didn't really tell him anything, and that Joffrey wants some items back from his home.
Your answer: Negotiate between Ned and Joffrey what items can be given back.
Though an admin is not obliged to intervene, it is in the best general interests of the server to try to help the two come to some sort of agreement, as neither have broken any rules.

Question #10 (1 point)

Hamish is in Andy's town, and he's asking you to make him a Farmer so that he can sell some seeds quickly at Nidonn. Andy isn't on to ask.
Your answer: Say no because Andy has to do it.
The rank of a town member must be changed by the town leader and nobody else.

Question #11 (1 point)

Max wants to buy a piece of land 75 x 92. How much will it cost him if he's just a nomad? Round the answer off to the nearest $100.
Your answer: $2400.
Length multiplied by depth, divided by 256 (the area of a chunk), multiplied by 90 (the price of a chunk) equals $2425. This rounds down to $2400. Alternatively, you can divide the area by 2.875 to get the cost for someone lower than a baron.

Question #12 (1 point)

Someone is on the roof of a house in Nidonn!
Your answer: Roleplay with him.
Going on the roofs is a roleplay rule, and should be dealt with through roleplay means. This is on the website.

Question #13 (1 point)

Jonah has set his home near a treasure chest in Nidonn.
Your answer: Delete his home and warn him.
This is a breach of the rules, but it is generally not severe enough to warrant a ban.

Question #14 (1 point)

You discover that Luke has a farm with about a hundred sheep in a small space.
Your answer: Warn him and kill some of the sheep.
A very large number of mobs is both unhealthy for the server in terms of load and may be considered a mob farm, if items are too easily being produced in bulk. The warning is for the farm and the killing sheep is to help ease the load on the server.

Question #15 (1 point)

Gavin tells you that his home was griefed and that someone took all his gold from his chest. His home didn't have his name on a sign. You use the LogBlock plugin and find that Amy griefed the house. You look in Amy's inventory and chests at her home and can't see the gold anywhere and she didn't sell it. Amy has baron, therefore she can open locked chests.
Your answer: Don't punish Amy for either action.
Gavin’s home has no sign with a name on it, so it counts as wilderness and can be griefed to any degree. Additionally, there is insufficient evidence that Amy took the gold, so there is no evidence of Amy breaking any rules.

Question #16 (1 point)

Harry sends you a couple of screenshots of what looks like Jason wielding and using a diamond sword aimed at Harry's tamed dogs, but you can't see the dogs being attacked directly. The dogs are dead and Harry says that Jason killed them, but Jason denies everything.
Your answer: Punish Jason because it's clear enough that he killed the dogs.
Given how difficult it is to screenshot an exact moment during a situation that may have unfolded rapidly, a screenshot of Jason swinging a sword toward tamed dogs is enough evidence to punish Jason. Evidence isn’t binary; it exists to different degrees, and the screenshot described shows enough evidence to be able to indicate to you what happened. It’s not likely that you’ll get better evidence than this, so this must be sufficient.

Question #17 (1 point)

You discover that Elijah has a mod installed that tracks players. He told you earlier that he read the rules.
Your answer: Ban him because player tracking is against the rules.
Mods that give distinct item-finding or PVP advantages are considered to be severe breaches of the rules. Since he cannot claim ignorance, and hacks are normally installed in groups, it is very likely that he has many other hacks, so he should be banned.

Question #18 (1 point)

Trevor lives in Ulfric's town. Trevor griefed the house of another person in the town. The griefing involved twelve blocks being removed from the wall.
Your answer: Ask Ulfric if he wants Trevor banned, and do what Ulfric decides.
Often, members invite their friends into their towns to help them. Though Trevor broke the rules, it’s possible that Ulfric doesn’t think that it’s severe enough to warrant a ban, or he may even say that it doesn’t bother him at all. If it doesn’t bother the person being griefed, there is no need to issue a ban.

Question #19 (1 point)

Tim says he saw Edmond on the roof of the palace. You know it's possible to get onto the roof without using hacks or exploits, but nobody is meant to be on the roof. You don't doubt Edmond. You can't find any hard evidence that Tim was on the roof.
Your answer: Warn Tim that it's against the rules but don't punish him.
There is no evidence that Tim was on the roof, but it’s a good idea to warn him, just in case he was up there. That way, if you do catch him, he can’t say that he didn’t know.

Question #20 (1 point)

David and Robert are exploring in Ketrem. Zombies tear Robert's head from his shoulders, killing him abruptly. David can't carry all of Robert's stuff and asks you to teleport Robert to David.
Your answer: Teleport Robert if they pay you a sum of money for the trouble.
An admin is not obliged to comply with such requests, but a sum of money often makes it worth the distraction that they may have caused by asking.

Question #21 (1 point)

A fairly new member has made a house that is clearly not medieval at all. What do you do?
Your answer: Direct him to resources on the website to help him redesign.
It is possible that he is not fully aware of the build theme of the server. Since it’s not a severe breach of the rules to build in the wrong style, he should be informed and educated before anything else is done.

Question #22 (1 point)

Playfully, you /slap Walter because you're both joking around, but you knock him off his tower and kill him. He loses around 20 levels.
Your answer: Teleport him down so he can pick up his things, give him some levels back, and then put him back up on his tower.
It was your fault that he died, and though it’s not necessary to give him back all the levels (you don’t really know what he had), you should do whatever you can to correct the damage without over-trusting the member.

Question #23 (1 point)

Jack lives in Gary's town. Gary had a gold block sitting in his office. Jack broke in to the office and took the gold block, but he only removed a few blocks to get there. Gary wants Jack banned for griefing.
Your answer: Don't punish Jack.
No rules were broken. Gary should deal with it through roleplay, or just kick Jack out of his town.

Question #24 (1 point)

Raymond asks you to make it daytime so he stops dying. You say no, but he keeps questioning you and pleading.
Your answer: Ignore him.
If you say no the first time, there’s no reason to comply with his requests just because he keeps asking.

Question #25 (1 point)

Arya and Bran are arguing in chat. They both seem really angry, though they're normally good friends.
Your answer: Tell them to use private messages and watch them from the logs.
Arguments should be dealt with out of the public chat. This is in the rules. Only intervene if the situation escalates to the breaking of other rules being involved (trolling, griefing, etc.)

Question #26 (1 point)

Mark has a hidden room deep under his house where zombies spawn and he can attack them while receiving minimal damage from the zombies.
Your answer: Tell him it's against the rules and to adjust it so that it's not a mob farm.
Anything designed to acquire items and/or experience with minimal effort is considered to be a mob farm. Mob farms can be corrected without any warning. This is on the forums.

Question #27 (1 point)

You're roleplaying with Tyler and you tell him that he's under arrest for roleplay crimes. He suddenly says he has to go, teleports home, walks around for a bit, and then leaves the server. You have a feeling he'll log back in again once the situation cools down.
Your answer: Tell him that he broke roleplay rules and bring him back into the roleplay, because he was probably just avoiding you.
The timing is too convenient for them, and it’s unlikely that they have to go. Considering that he didn’t leave the server right away, logically, you can assume that he is simply avoiding the roleplay. If someone leaves such an important roleplay just to avoid it, he can’t be allowed to get away with it.

Question #28 (1 point)

Theon is shooting you with arrows. You're in creative mode, but it's annoying. You've already told him to stop but he keeps shooting you.
Your answer: Warn him that you'll punish him if he doesn't stop.
He’s not breaking rules because you both know that no harm is being done, but if he’s annoying you, you should warn him before you start “playing” back.

Question #29 (1 point)

Fido spams the chat, constantly tries to hack, trolls people, and then leaves the server. You ban him but you soon receive a message on Skype where Fido asks to be unbanned. He says that his brother was using his account.
Your answer: Tell him to make a ban appeal.
It doesn’t matter how the ban happened – everyone has to make a ban appeal to come back. Accounts get banned, not the people that use them, so it doesn’t matter who was behind the keyboard at the time.

Question #30 (1 point)

Jane wants to join Roger's town, and Jane tells you that Roger said she could. She asks you to add her to Roger's region.
Your answer: Wait until you hear it directly from Roger.
You can’t believe Jane; you have to wait for Roger to tell you what he wants. If you let Jane in and she breaks the rules then you are responsible.

Question #31 (1 point)

Due to a WorldEdit accident and bug, John loses his enchanted sword as you move his chests to another location. He asks you for his sword back, because your actions caused it to disappear. He can't provide any evidence that he had the sword and you never saw the sword.
Your answer: Give him nothing and apologise.
It was an accident and you have no evidence of the items he had. It isn’t beneficial to trust members to this degree with no evidence at all; nothing can be given as payment.

Question #32 (1 point)

NoCheat, a plugin that's designed to pick up hacks being used, starts giving you warnings that someone is flying or glitching.
Your answer: Teleport to them and see what they're doing.
NoCheat often responds to lag and other normal game activities, so you should go and see for yourself before making any decisions.

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