Competition #3 Results

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Competition #3 Results

Post  Treijim on Mon Apr 01, 2013 4:49 am

Results, listed from highest prize gained to lowest:
Name: <Prize money> out of a possible <maximum prize money> (% of possible money)

Blackhill Castle: $42,000 out of a possible $44,000 (95%)
Voraburahk Palace: $37,200 out of a possible $46,600 (79%)
Barroe: $34,400 out of a possible $40,400 (85%)
Lumen: $31,400 out of a possible $36,200 (86%)
Zodian Castle: $30,600 out of a possible $33,800 (90%)
Throndgar: $23,800 out of a possible $27,000 (88%)
Drezehn Castle $23,200 out of a possible $30,800 (75%)
Rerkath Arena $21,000 out of a possible $24,000 (87%)
Englive Fortress: $20,800 out of a possible $24,000 (86%)

Ask the admin to collect your other prize materials.
Edgar: 105 diamonds, 210 iron, Duke.
Varkoran: 93 diamonds, 186 iron, Baron.
Taebien: 86 diamonds, 172 iron, Baron.
Castiel: 78 diamonds, 156 iron.
Azkalvor: 76 diamonds, 152 iron, Duke.
Thrallios: 59 diamonds, 118 iron.
Rahkan: 58 diamonds, 116 iron.
Arthroudok: 52 diamonds, 104 iron.
Rohan: 52 diamonds, 104 iron.

Name: Zodian Castle
Size: 150x130x130

Purpose: 70/90. In terms of protecting the surrounding island, the castle would probably do an average job. To build gates on all four sides would hugely increase its effectiveness in protecting the island. Its defences seem adequate enough to protect anybody living within. The armoury’s position is quite awkward, as it is so high up and takes turns to get to, but it’s well-stocked. The moat is a trap with no way out. This is especially dangerous in terms of warfare; if your men fall in you want them to be able to escape quickly. Some of the quarters, especially that of the general, are very well built.
Style: 40/50. The style is appealing overall, with a good level of design and practicality. I can clearly see Germanic influences. The magic tower stands out as something really different. This can be either good or bad, depending on what you wanted.
Materials: 45/50. Not much to say. Material usage is standard, but they’re used well and the end result looks quite good.
Setting: 70/80. The location is good. It functions well as a spur castle, perched on the highest location to oversee the entirety of the island.
Detail: 65/100. Detail is good. Some rooms have a clear purpose whereas others are vague. There are some torches on the wooden rooftops and floors. Some architectural detailing, especially in the walls, would make it look more interesting without making it look too “decorated”. Some clutter on the battlement rooftops may look better.
Creative: 35 hours used. 65 points.

Name: Throndgar
Size: 140x30x110

Purpose: 30/35. The town lacks purpose in general, but it seems to do what it does relatively well.
Style: 40/50. I can see the cultural influences quite well, but the style wasn’t chosen by you.
Materials: 35/40. Predominant use of wood is interesting but doesn’t match Zodian Castle at all.
Setting: 60/70. Good location. Tower and wall placement seems to use the environment well. The location wasn’t picked by you, though, so you can’t take full credit.
Detail: 50/100. Average detail. Some houses are almost empty. The underground bedrooms are good. Lots of the paintings and such seem like random last-minute additions. The house in the southeast corner has no road leading to it. Your home is marked as “itcywang555’s mansion”. Second floor is empty and it’s not very mansion-like, but the rest is good.
Creative: 0 hours used. 100 points.

Name: Englive Fortress
Size: 95x40x75

Purpose: 40/50. It seems effective as a protective structure and will be able to hold a small amount of guards. The other services and purposes seem adequate.
Style: 35/40. The castle has German influences but I see little connection with Nueschwanstein. I like the capped battlements and the walkways and strong asymmetry of the layout.
Materials: 45/50. Material usage is good and materials used are average.
Setting: 40/50. Location is average. It seems to be overlooking mainly a field of stone and the mountain rises up behind it, which is a major defensive disadvantage.
Detail: 50/100. There are torches on the ground inside the walls. There are a lot of empty and unfinished rooms and corridors towards the north end of the castle. Some of the rooms are well decorated with a good amount of clutter and description.
Creative: 0 hours used. 100 points.

Name: Lumen
Size: 220x35x270

Purpose: 15/30. Only distinguishable purposes are the city hall, residences, and bathhouse. City hall is very well detailed and styled but it lacks function. Bathhouse looks really good so far, but it has no baths, so again there is no function or purpose. Homes look great, even though they’re empty.
Style: 35/40. Mediterranean influences are evident. Though it doesn’t suit the surrounding climate, the city seems to build up its own climate with its sheer size and atmosphere.
Materials: 65/70. Material usage is quite above average, with things like endstone and lapis used in abundance.
Setting: 30/40. Location is good but doesn’t suit the theme. Hopefully this will be remedied as the city develops. Not much to say, as everything is flat and surrounded by forest.
Detail: 20/100. Detailing in terms of architecture is really interesting and detailed. The variation is appealing and the gardens are interesting. It’s clearly unfinished and unfurnished and this damages your score.
Creative: 5 hours used. 95 points.

Name: BlackHill Castle
Size: 200x190x150

Purpose: 80/90. Purposes described all seem adequate. Some of the services lack space, such as the general living quarters and government section (no room for private offices). Everything else looks good. It would function very well as a self-sufficient castle-city.
Style: 70/80. Stylistic influences are evident. It’s clearly not finished, as a lot of the roofing lacks the level of adornment of more finished areas. The examples you gave are good choices and demonstrations of inspiration for your style. The half-timber additions give the castle a lot of flavour.
Materials: 90/100. The sheer amount of materials such as gold, netherbrick, and ice give your castle full maximum points, especially considering that no creative mode was used. Your usage of them is quite tasteful, especially the ice. I would still like to see more interesting netherbrick rooftop adornments.
Setting: 80/90. The setting is perfectly ideal for a spur castle; its defensiveness is currently unmatched among other castles of Alendria. Aside from the empty piece of peninsula near one corner, the island seems to have been swallowed whole by Blackhill.
Detail: 90/100. The only unfurnished areas I could find are the larger hallways which are void of detailing. Street clutter such as tables, chairs, benches, crates, etc. will add a lot of character to these areas.
Creative: 0 hours used. 100 points.

Name: Barroe
Size: 210x60x250 520

Purpose: 75/90. The town has a wide range of purposes and most of them seem to be accomplished. Many of the places seem unfinished, especially the citadel and the large buildings in the west.
Style: 50/60. Your housing is indeed half-timbered. It’s a standard medieval European style but you’ve used it well. The Roman influences are visible and work well.
Materials: 50/60. Material usage is regular but the city looks quite good as a whole. The market stalls could do with colour variation.
Setting: 75/80. I like the location you chose for a seaside town, and you’ve clearly transformed the entire area into a good town.
Detail: 90/100. The two large buildings near your west gate are empty. Many of the houses there have gold blocks in front of their doors so I didn’t enter them. Your usage of construction areas is effective. I’d like to see some more street clutter, as I described in the Blackhill results.
Creative: 100+ hours used. 0 points.
$34,400 /$40,400

Name: Voraburahk Palace
Size: 230x125x300

Purpose: 10/70. As it stands, the palace can’t do many of the purposes described.
Style: 70/80. The style so far is good, though incomplete in places. It’s clearly a clever blend of multicultural styles and it suits the setting quite well.
Materials: 80/90. Material usage is quite ambitious, as there’s a lot of endstone and netherbrick. The overall appearance is effective and interesting.
Setting: 60/70. The flat desert is an average setting, but the palace stands out as something grand.
Detail: 20/100. The palace is less than half complete, and nothing is furnished yet.
Creative: 65 hours used. 35 points.
$37,200 /$46,600

Name: Rerkath Arena
Size: 75x15x60 150

Purpose: 30/60. You should’ve described the underworks, because you would’ve earned more points for purpose and function. It does what it does quite well, though.
Style: 60/70. A fairly typical arena style, but it looks good and it suits the city.
Materials: 55/60. Materials used are average, but they’re used quite well.
Setting: 50/60. Its location in the city is difficult to determine because the city isn’t done yet, but it seems to fit into where it is.
Detail: 90/100. Seems fully furnished and detailed. Banners around the outside are the only addition I can suggest.
Creative: Estimated 10 hours used. 90 points.

Name: Drezehn Castle
Size: 125x80x125 330

Purpose: 20/60. Currently it serves none of the purposes described except for acting as a defensive location.
Style: 50/70. I would say the castle is early gothic architecture, rather than the fantasy style you describe.
Materials: 35/40. Material choice is sub-standard and monotone but it works quite well with the style and gives it a strong, sturdy look.
Setting: 50/70. Location is quite good, and it’s the best place for a spur castle. It’s difficult to see its effectiveness without seeing its completed surroundings.
Detail: 10/100. Almost completely unfurnished.
Creative: 15 hours used, 85 points.
$23,200 /$30,800

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