Way to become a low rank staff member

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Way to become a low rank staff member

Post  Fire_Pheonix1 on Thu Jan 24, 2013 3:06 am

Ok so what i though this time is a way to become a helper for Treijim.
People who want apply need to build one main building or town in singleplayer then send it to you if they get accepted they get creative.

Restrictions with creative.

Can not give people items from creative.

Can build in others regions unless added by Treijim

Can only build for Treijim or other members of the Ezekiel family and for them selves but not for other Citizens.

Stantdard must meet the lords Standards.

This is just a suggestion you can tweak this and add what you want Just an idea :3 Cool


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Re: Way to become a low rank staff member

Post  Treijim on Thu Jan 24, 2013 3:18 pm

i already do all of this. i just dont tell people about it, because i dont want people to aim for something like this; i would rather reward people who are contributing the server without just trying to get creative mode. right now its only for trusted "VIP" members

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