Many New Updates

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Many New Updates

Post  Treijim on Sat Jan 19, 2013 5:17 pm

There are several new updates to inform everyone about.

1) There is a new roleplay channel with a 10 block radius. To enter this channel, type /ch wh. The 'wh' stands for whisper. To return to out-of-character chat, type /ch ooc.

2) The competition ending date has been moved to March 31st. Information is on

3) There's a postal service in Nidonn. It's down the blue road from the city square. Instructions can be found within. Any letters you receive will either be in your inventory or your enderchest, depending on which plugins are working at the time.

4) I can now change your Minecraft name as it appears in chat and in the online users list. I will only change your name to that of your active roleplay character, and I'll only change it again if your character dies or something else requires me to do so.

5) Barons and higher have the ability to open/use any locked item, provided that they have permission in the region itself. This is to allow them to have greater control over locked items in their own regions. Note that using this feature is considered to be roleplaying, so be very careful where you go and what chests you go through.

6) TNT has been reenabled. It will damage things. Be very careful! Using TNT counts as roleplay actions, and also as griefing if you damage something that belongs to someone else. Misuse of TNT may result in possession or usage of TNT becoming illegal by imperial law. TNT will not work in admin areas.

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