christmas presents

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christmas presents

Post  Treijim on Mon Dec 24, 2012 12:09 pm

i just wanted to leave a message here for christmas. have a good christmas everybody and enjoy the presents/family time/whatever that youll get. i cant leave everyone a personal gift, but i can give a few mentions here to the regulars i know best instead::

conez7 for being a wicked builder and mature presence, _xxcommanderxx_ for being a long-time duke and loyal member, arthroudok for being obsessed with the server, taebien for working so hard towards his goals, varkoran cos we cant wait to see your city completed, burgudan for leaving so much admirable epicness on the server, azkalvor for being so dedicated and building so many castles, edge_raider for being a rich gay paranoid criminal assassin maniac guy, b_rank for building so many quests that we will all soon enjoy, sharnan for not being there, and chricky for half-building that mysterious ass tree way up north.

other mentions go to fletch_2009, demonicpuppy, shadeslayer7, ltr864, thecraftian, cerobos, nomlett, aegagropilon, deadlysoupspoon, mitchell123123, 16bit_engineer, tashey, liamchapman5720, randomgunman, and master_ridius.

this is just a list of members that ive gotten to know to various degrees, that i want to wish a happy christmas and new year and stuff :3

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Re: christmas presents

Post  16Bit_En on Mon Dec 24, 2012 12:58 pm

And a very merry Christmas to you josh.


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