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New Emperor

Post  Treijim on Wed Oct 17, 2012 9:16 am

The search to locate Treijim has failed and the empire cannot go on any longer without an emperor. Treijim's twelve year old son, Srafel Ezekiel, will be coronated and his ruling will commence tomorrow morning. Srafel is also my account and it will be my primary account now instead of Treijim.

Some laws and details may change, since Srafel has the authority to tweak the empire however he wants now. That is all :3

Treijim was lost on a scouting trip to Kuzar Cathedral and General Arthroudok, Imperator Taebien, Ultimator Varkoran, and Palasar Commander have been searching thoroughly for days while wandering through extremely hostile and dangerous territories and conditions. Sadly, the trail has gone cold, and the empire cannot go on any longer without a proper emperor.

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