books and official factions

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books and official factions

Post  Treijim on Mon Aug 27, 2012 4:40 am

IMPORTANT: any factions that are not officially listed are not supported by the emperor and are therefore not protected by the empire; they may be investigated, infiltrated, etc.

as you all should know, you can now write and publish books in minecraft. this leaves way for things such as official documents, and something im doing is enabling people to make official documents for factions. to make a faction, follow these steps:

  1. write up your faction guide (details at the bottom of the post)
  2. give your guide to the emperor to be reviewed
  3. if approved, your guide will be placed for sale for anyone to buy in enuo library (southwest of nidonn)
  4. that's all! people can buy your guide and read about your official faction

what you need to write in your faction guide:
faction name:
description: briefly, what does the faction do? factions concerning illegal activity, such as illegal items, exploits, rule-breaking, war-mongering (bands of soldiers are fine), anything against the empire, assasinations, abuse, etc. will not be made official
headquarter: where is the headquarters of the faction located?
services: if your faction provides services, what are they? do they cost? are there requirements? etc.
colours: what colours/materials represent your faction?
emblem: if the faction has an emblem, where can it be located or what does it look like?
contact: how do people get in contact with the faction? who do they speak to?
joining: can people join the faction? how do they join it?
history: completely option. feel free to make up a backstory if you want

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