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new world of alendria

Post  Treijim on Thu Jun 28, 2012 6:50 am

as some of you may have heard, after the competition that ends on july 31st, we will be fully transitioning to a new world. the world of alendria will gradually replace the current main world. to give you a taste of whats to come, view these images:
the above image is the entire world, with a compass and scale. the red rectangle in the middle is the new spawn city, known as nidonn. the world itself has many massive forests and vast fields of rolling hills.
the red overlay is the size of the existing world. as you can see, it is over four times larger.

the new world will come with a few changes:

  • mayors and elders will be removed and the ability to run a town will be an invisible rank, so you can be a mayor and a farmer
  • outlaws will be removed
  • scholars will be added (enchanting and potion specialists)
  • soldiers will be added (weapons, armour, archery specialists)
  • barons will be able to make massive regions called provinces that must contain multiple places such as towns, villages, castles, etc
  • dukes will similarly be able to found countries that must contain more than a province
  • there will be no pvp-free zones

the official changes will eventually be written on the website when the changes actually take place. this list is not final; changes may still occur.

at this stage im willing to copy across one storage area per person, a few buildings, and a region area equivalent to the largest region they own.

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