possible new world

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possible new world

Post  Treijim on Sun Jun 17, 2012 5:22 pm

what do people think of a new world? itll be large land masses in an ocean, about 9000x9000. there will be a huge desert, lots of snow, a huge jungle, and lots and lots of fields, forests, mountains, and sea. travel will be primarily by boat or horse carriage (you need one or both to connect with other towns via warps). dukes will own duchys, barons will own baronys, mayors will own towns, and elders will own villages. the whole map will be crafted and tested by me using worldpainter.

people will be able to get one collection of chests, one protected region of equivalent size to a region they already own, and a few buildings theyve made.

this will be after the story and competition are over, so if it happens itll be over a month away. this is all ideas and a work in development. feedback? opinions?

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