Market Rules

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Market Rules

Post  Treijim on Mon Nov 07, 2011 3:30 am

This is now a thread to advertise your own shops.

Give a brief description of what you are selling and instructions on how to reach your shop.

This is a place to advertise or request trades or purchases.

Please put your request in your topic title.
Please add additional information in the post content.
Please do not bump posts.

Good examples:

Buying logs, will trade anything.
Selling obsidian for gold/diamond.
Buying cobblestone for money.
Come to my shop for weapons, armour, and more!

Bad examples:

Trading wood for iron. (Does this mean you want wood or you want iron?)
Lots of stock to sell! (Be more specific, put some examples)
Come to my shop! (As above)
Cobblestone!!! (What about it?)

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