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hunger games event

Post  Treijim on Wed Apr 25, 2012 12:39 pm

Want to participate in the DistantLands Hunger Games event? Tell me you're interested to reserve a spot. They will be held next Saturday on the 5th of May.

There's an entry fee of $500 which is to be paid on the day.
There are 16 slots available. Register your interest before all the slots are filled!
If you can't pay on the day, anyone else may take your place.

  1. XxCommanderxX
  2. demonicpuppy
  3. claytonmil1997
  4. costathemosta
  5. deadlysoupspoon
  6. Conez7
  7. Brad_Topius
  8. plasmadevilha
  9. OKDOK
  10. B_rank
  11. JNsoldier
  12. __OMG__
  13. miniblaab
  14. tashey6
  15. Nobody
  16. Nobody

  • You can remove long grass, flowers, mushrooms, leaves, vines, fallen snow, lily pads, torches, and sugar cane.
  • You can place flowers, mushrooms, leaves, vines, torches, and sugar cane.
  • You may form alliances, but there must be one winner.
  • If you have to, you may break dirt to escape holes.
  • You may craft only with your personal 2x2 crafting space.
  • Do not use any commands, and follow the server rules.
  • Do not tame wolves or kill animals.
  • There's a layer of bedrock at level 40. You can't go underneath it.
  • Do not leave the bedrock boundary.
  • Kills will be tallied. You get paid for your kills.
  • There is one large final reward for the sole survivor.
  • Anyone found breaking rules will be disqualified and fined.

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