Trolling and Abuse

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Trolling and Abuse

Post  Sharnan on Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:55 am

I have been receiving more and more messages concerning members who troll and abuse other members. As stated explicitly in the server rules, this is not allowed. Let me make a few things clear:

Mutual trolling betweeen friends is fine; you know them and they know you, and you will probably both have a laugh about it via Skype later on. However, this does not mean you can treat other members in the same way. Mayors, barons, and dukes are chosen primarily based on their behaviour. The higher your rank, the more we expect from you. This means you must act in a way that is appropriate, compliant with the rules, respectful, and helpful. Let me explain each of these to avoid miscommunications.

  • To be appropriate means to act as your rank suggests. If you are a mayor, help your town members and thank and reward them for their input -- if any. If they do not provide any input, give them whatever chances you have the capacity to grant. If you are a mayor or higher, be careful who you slay. Nomads are often new members and this means they have the potential to become regulars. Do you not remember when you were starting out? Would you have liked the server regulars to troll and abuse you?
  • To be compliant with the rules is self-explanatory. Follow the rules. That is that.
  • To be respectful is a rule in itself. This means no trolling, no sexist, racist, or rude jokes or remarks, minimal swearing, respecting the farms and animals of others, honesty, avoiding chat spam, and exploitation of glitches and bugs (including block-jumping). This has all been written on the rules since the beginning of the server.
  • To be helpful is important. I understand that at times we do not always feel like providing the same help over and over again to new members. However, the regulars give the overall impression of the server. At the very least, point them in the direction of available information, such as the website, forum, or information under spawn.

I am aware that some "victims" exaggerate the events, and make something out of nothing, however, this is not the issue at hand. If somebody "killed you first", then ignore them. If they refuse to return your items, bring it into the roleplay. Make it an adventure. Do not simply resort to mindless rage. If you believe they hack, collect any proof you can and inform an admin. Members are NOT administrators. It is not your job to deal our justice.

If you want clarification on any of these points then simply ask me. That is all I have to say.

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