Mob Grinders

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Mob Grinders

Post  Sharnan on Sun Apr 01, 2012 2:17 am

Mob grinders are illegal. Note that is is different to it being against the rules, as kicks/bans are no punishment for mob grinders.

A mob grinder is a machine or room that draws spawned mobs away from their mob spawner, thus tricking the spawner into believing its mob limit has not been reached. The spawner spawns more mobs, and these are also drawn away, and so on and so forth. Mob grinders also count as any mechanism where mobs are forced to spawn or exist en masse and taken to an area for easy or safe "harvesting". Basically, anything where mobs are utilised to produce "infinite" items in large/laggy/unrealistic quantities is illegal. Such farms may be culled without warning.

This server is medieval and preindustrial.

If a mob grinder is found, it will be shut down and/or destroyed. A warning will be given, informing the owner(s) that such a device is illegal. If there are consequent mob grinders being constructed, fines or demotions may be dealt.

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